Simplest way to restore Microsoft Office files

Microsoft every time launches their product with highly advanced features and flexibility. MS Office is the most powerful application which is widely used by majority of companies worldwide to fulfill their requirements and needs. Microsoft Office provides the bundles of programs which help the user to write documents, prepare presentations, make extensive calculations and create excel files to maintain databases. MS Office includes Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

These applications are launched with highly enhanced features, but as nothing is secured in this world there are certain circumstances which make the user to lose your documents. This might be because of virus attack, formatting, power surges, hard drive corruption, unintentional deletion and other reasons. This will lead to loss or deletion of all your important MS office documents.

In such situation, good file recovery software can efficiently perform Office file recovery and help us to restore deleted or lost documents from Windows or Mac based systems. This tool comes up with inbuilt scanning engine which scans the entire hard disk to identify the file types and recover deleted documents based on their unique file signature. However, it is very much essential for you to be familiar with the reasons that lead to file loss.

Some possible file loss scenarios:

  • You may have deleted some of your files and folders unintentionally by selecting Shift+delete Keys which will bypass the Recycle Bin and leads to loss of data.
  • Because of power outages or abrupt system shutdown hard drive of your computer can get crash which in turn makes the drive inaccessible resulting in loss of all the files and documents stored in it.
  • Sometimes improper repartitioning of hard disk can corrupt the existing partition containing important documents thereby making the stored files inaccessible causing loss of data.
  • Malware attack on your computer can corrupt the files present in it which does not allow the user to access the files and you might end up losing all your precious data.
  • Mistakenly clicking on Empty Recycle Bin or Empty Trash folder instead of selecting restore button can result in severe loss of data.

Precautionary measures which can avoid data loss scenarios are:

  • Power source of the system must be strong to avoid abrupt system termination because of power surges or power failure.
  • Creating backup of significant data will make you tension free so that you can retrieve data when you face any of the data loss problem.
  • Use good antivirus program in your PC to make your system free from viruses.
  • Stop using the device to avoid overwriting of old data.

These were some of the safety measures which are capable of defending any of these data loss scenarios. But, still you might come across any data loss scenarios which may be known or unknown to you. By making use of document recovery program, you can successfully recover PowerPoint document, Word, Excel and Access files. This tool also allows you to retrieve other file types such as pictures, music files, video clips, etc. from any type of storage device.

Just click here to download the trial version of the tool and then install it on the hard drive of your system. Double click on the desktop shortcut icon to open the software and choose appropriate recovery options which you get while working with the software. On finishing the document restoration process you can check the performance of the software and if you’re happy with the recovery results you can purchase its licensed version from online.