How to Repair Corrupted mp4 Video File?

MP4 file format is also referred to as MPEG-4; it is a well liked video format that is ready to clamp both audio & video files. This file format ropes utterly on iPods, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. Its amity with various devices has made this video format to popular. But, close to these features we have experienced the corruption of our favorite videos at some level. There are many cases for an MP4 file to get corrupted like file system error, malware infections, fast turn off, etc. This problem may present both in Windows and Mac Operating System.

On the other hand, these problems can be easily resolved with the help of amazing tools like mov file repair Software. It is most used app to repair corrupt mp4 file. Using this tool we can easily repair corrupt MP4 file.

Scenarios for damaged MP4 video file

  • File system corruption: File system plays major role in OS. If the file system becomes corrupted, we cannot process the files.
  • Malware infection: Viruses are designed to damage the files & make them unreachable, so whenever it jumps into a file it damages the file. As mp4 video files are more unsafe, therefore they easily get corrupted.
  • Sudden system shutdown: Improper shutting down of system, power failure also takes the mp4 file to corrupt.
  • Transfer error: Transferring files from a system to an external device. But if this process gets terminated abruptly by removing external drives, then the files which are moving may have chance to corrupt.

These are a few of the common causes where you lose mp4 video file. You will have a lot of other reasons for damage of mp4 video file. For all that, you will get a permanent resolution for these issues i.e., mov file repair software

Salient features of this product

  • This product can repair corrupt mp4 files in vital manner.
  • This tool ropes repairing of mp4 files on FAT, NTFS, and HFS file systems on Windows & Mac operating systems.
  • It never creates any changes in the original file instead it develops new repaired file.
  • It can fix MOV files which decline to play in iMovie.
  • Mp4 synchronization problems can also be regained by this utility.
  • Hence this is the simplest repair software to repair corrupt mp4 file. You can download the demo version of this utility for free to estimate the result. If you are satisfied with the result, then you can buy its licensed version to save repaired mp4 video files.

Fix Damaged Unrecognized QuickTime Movie Files

QuickTime is an extensible interactive media system created by Apple Inc. This is skilled enough of taking care of different configurations of computerized video, picture, sound, surrounding pictures, and intuitiveness. Indeed, one can download movies from web or from their individual accumulation and play them on QuickTime player. Despite the fact that, the QuickTime motion video files can be inclined to corruption because of serious infection or malware assaults, deficient movie file download process, sudden freezing of QuickTime player, unexpected power surge, and so on. At the point when the movie file gets damaged, it will decline to play on QuickTime player and tosses lapse message “The document couldn’t be opened. The movies file format isn’t recognized”.

When you experience such heartbreaking circumstances, you may begin examining or supposing how to repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie records? At that point, quit stressing! It is the most well known issue happens whenever while utilizing QuickTime player. One can repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files by utilizing MOV Repair tool compartment. For more assistance, simply click here This product can repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie file formats, for example, MOV, MP4, MPEG records, and so forth. This product has progressed scanning algorithms to perform thorough scanning of damaged MOV record in few second of its establishment and repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files.

Conceivable Causes behind QuickTime Movie Files Damage:

  • Incomplete Download Process: There may be risks of sudden intrusion like sudden power surge while downloading motion video records from websites and play them on QuickTime player. This can bring about damage of QuickTime film record and prompts “Unrecognized File” error message.
  • Virus Infection: Sometimes, in light of serious infection r malware assaults on QuickTime player can bring about unrecognized damaged movie file.
  • Sudden Freezing of QuickTime Player: Now and again, because of sudden freezing of QuickTime player while playing movie files can prompt extreme damage of movie file making them unrecognized.
  • Using Third Party Tool: Sometimes, when you utilize problematic outsider apparatuses can prompt damage of QuickTime movie file making them unrecognized.

With a specific end goal to defeat the previously stated explanations for unrecognized QuickTime movie files damage, one ought to take proper movie file reinforcement and dependably totally download video files to verify that there is no intrusion amid movie file playing methodology. Lamentably, at times you may begin encountering “Unrecognized Movie Files” blunder messages while attempting to play video file on QuickTime player. This demonstrates that relating movie file damaged and QuickTime player is not able to recognize it. To determination such issues, one can depend on MOV Repair utility to fix damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files and abandon them back in healthy condition. Moreover, one can make use of this award winning software to fix corrupt Canon MOV file with ease.

Additionally, this product supports to repair unrecognized damaged movie files on other media players like VLC media player, Windows media player, and so forth. The application can possibly defrag both sound and video streams and later in the wake of repairing them abuts them to make a fresh out of the box new movie file. When repair methodology is finished, this product permits you to preview movie file and store them on sought stockpiling area. One of alternate advantages of utilizing this application is that it can repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie file on diverse variants of Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and Mac Mavericks, etc.

Repair MOV file format

In modern era, Technologies have reached at its peak and everybody is adapting themselves to the new technologies. Many electronic devices are becoming important for a human being such as Digital cameras, iPhone, iPod, MacBook air laptops, computer, mp 3 players and video games consoles. As a result an average person changes their lifestyle, Videos and photos have become the integral part of everyone’s life. People capture every moment with videos and enjoy those with their families. It particular relates to various video file formats like MOV, MP 4  AVI, etc. which are used for different files. These formats are used in MacBook air laptop, iPhone, iPods, Quick time player etc.

MacBook air laptop is introduced by Apple. It integrates a faster processor, powerful graphics, and remarkable visual clarity. This uses Mac OS X as its operating system and using track pad you can have experience with multi-touch. Now let us see one more device created by Apple called iPhone which are most popularly used in the world of smartphone. This is based on a touchscreen technology which doesn’t contain a physical keypad. Video contents from iTunes store can be played on iPhone. These devices support .MOV, .AVI, MPEG-4, MP 4.

MOV is a multimedia file format which is widely used to store movie files along with other video files produced by Apple Inc. Each MOV file is constitutes a  Multimedia container files which consists of one or more tracks. Each track holds particular kind of data like audio, video, effects, graphics etc.MOV files are very easy to use and it can be easily opened by both Mac and windows computers but if you want to play MOV file in Windows PC you need to add additional component like Quick Time player. MOV files get damage if something wrong happens during accessing, editing or transferring process and you will not be able to play the .MOV file.

Suppose you’ve MacBook air laptop, you might have captured every precious photos and videos on a trip to London and stored on it. One fine day, you switch on your MacBook air laptop to refresh all your old memories and also you need to make a copy of those videos and provide it for your friend. You had been transferring the particular MOV file from your system to other storage device like flash storage device and suddenly you removed the memory card without clicking exit option. In that case your file will be transferred incompletely as well as your MOV file gets corrupted when the execution from the file gets stuck in between because of any reason.


Now you tried opening file in your laptop however,and you were unable to access it and now you might be very much tensed thinking how you can repair your corrupted MOV file. But you will be pleased to listen that your corrupted MOV file can be easily repaired using Repair MOV file software. This software allows you to repair your MOV file on MacBook air laptop. This software allows you to fix MOV file corrupted due to any of the reasons which are discussed as follows.
However, you must know about other data loss scenarios.


Common data loss scenarios:


  • Sometimes MOV file stored on your laptop hard disk gets damage due to attack of virus.
  • Switching off your iPhone when it is connected to your laptop during read/write process may also damage your MOV file.
  • MOV files also get corrupted during the compression process using bad ZIP archive.
  • Opening MOV file by unsupportable player then the file header of your MOV file gets damaged.

Errors may also occur when you attempt to drag new MOV files into iPhones using iTunes may corrupt your existing MOV file from iPhone.
Improper plugging of memory card might result in damaging the MOV files stored in it. Also if your catalog file gets corrupted it damages the header of MOV file which makes it unplayable on MacBook air laptops.


The software has been designed to repair damaged/corrupt MOV files, which may get corrupt due to fault with the digital video camcorder firmware. This technique used by Repair MOV software is unique and good in comparison with any other Repair tools available in the market. This also allows you to repair MOV file from iPhone which gets damaged due to any of the scenario mentioned above. iPhone is used a good media player which supports .MOV,MP4 file formats. Automatic repair separates audio and video data streams and adjoins this stream to create playable video file which is highly relevant to it. This can be done easily in few simple steps.

Upload the demo version of the software from online and do the installation in your PC. Run the application and click on “open” to select the MOV file which you like to repair and click on “Repair” button to proceed. Once you are done with the repair process you just click on “Preview repaired file” to preview the repaired file. If you’re pleased with the outcome of the software then you can buy the full version of the software.