Easy Way to Undelete Files from Flash Drive

Flash Drives makes easy to carry lots of data in it and at the same time, it has its own disadvantages. As it is used in multiple devices, there is a higher risk of losing data from it. In most cases, users might delete it or gets deleted due to other scenarios. So, you need to undelete files from flash drive. Use a reliable software like Remo Recover to undelete files from USB drive. Follow the steps given in the below video to understand clearly how to undelete files.

Flash drives are widely used and can be connected to the computer, DVD players, mobile phones using OTG cables and many other devices. So, it might contain some important or confidential files that you want them badly. In this case, undeleting the files is not only necessary but also an important task. Any mistake will lead to permanent loss of data from the flash drive. Thus you only have one option and don’t worry it’s very easy to follow and requires no technical expertise. Watch the following video to understand how to undelete files from flash drive easily.

Features of Remo Recover Utility

  • The tool has an interactive easy to use interface that makes recovery process easy for the user to undelete files from USB flash drives.
  • It has built-in options to preview the recovered files before saving it and you can save the recovery session to avoid scanning the disk multiple times for undeleting.
  • The software is able to recover data or files from USB flash drives, memory cards, hard disk drives, firewire drives, solid state drives and almost all physical disk drives. It works on drive regardless of their brands.
  • It can Undelete files from various file systems such as NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and ExFAT and can be installed on all Windows OS from Windows vista to the latest Windows 10.
  • Supports more than 300 file types for undeleting such as videos, documents, music, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.

Way to Undelete Files

Follow this preferred way to undelete files from USB flash drives easily. Download the secure Remo Recover software from the website shown in the video and start the software installation. Open it once the installation is complete. Then, choose the options as guided by the above video and choose your flash drive in the next steps and complete the recovery wizard. Finally, the software previews the recovered files and then you will be able to save it. The save option will be active after you upgrade the full version license of the software.

File Deletion Scenarios in Flash Drive

  • Deletion of files or data due to improper removal of flash drive when any ongoing file transfer is in progress.
  • Corruption in flash drive data may force the user to format the drive for further use.
  • Infection of external threats such as viruses, malware causes corruption and deletion of data present in the flash drive.
  • Deleting the data accidentally or intentionally.
  • Improper file transfer, power outage suddenly and many other scenarios causes deletion of data from flash drive.

Download and use the software Remo Recover and forget all your worries about losing files from any of your drives.