Have you lost files from pen drive? Solution to recover it.

Rescuing someone from the problem of data loss is really a matter of honor for me. Most of the users in day today life uses data storage devices which is the first need of computer users. While using the devices they face one common problem and that is the problem of data loss. When they use the USB drives and transfer the files using those files or keep back up in then they face the loss of files often. There are certain reasons which result in deletion, corruption, loss of files from USB drives.

Therefore, if user once losses files then there will be alarm of data loss. Still they have the chances to recover the files and this is only the alert. When the files are deleted from any of the medium then user mentally towards his files are that they are deleted permanently. This is the partial fact that user knows, yes the file is deleted but that doesn’t mean they are gone permanently. The files that are deleted or lost could be brought back.

So you need not to worry on this points that your file is deleted. The files can be brought back using the recovery tools and that too very easily. Whatever the condition of the USB drive is (must not be physically damaged) files can be recovered by using the recovery software on those particular sources.

What makes data delete/corrupt/loss from USB flash drives?

  1. Carelessness is the biggest factor that results in deletion of files from USB drives. Suppose there are two USB drives connected to the system and you have to format the G one but mistakenly you have had formatted the H one and there is complete data loss.
  2. Other example of accidental deletion of files is deleting the files using the shift delete button and this delete the files completely in case of hard disk but in case of USB drive if you delete the files then it will automatically delete the files and will result in complete deletion of files skipping the Recycle Bin.
  3. While transferring the files if the connection is interrupted or ejection of pen drive is done then there will be complete loss of files.
  4. After your work is completed with USB drive and when you want to unplug the drive then you need to follow few steps. The step includes the use of safely removal option and if left by the user then there might be deletion or loss of files.
  5. Pen drive is compatible with every system and the reason is it has the USB port. USB can be connected to port and can be accessed. Then this compatibility feature leads to virus attack if connected to unreliable sources.

Hence all the terms and condition you have seen which may delete files from your USB drives. Instead,  there are some sources which can return the data of pen drive. If you want your data then you have to follow one condition and that is the condition of creating backups. Backups and that too updated is only the way that can bring your data back. Restoring point is the other terms that can be helpful but this is also helpful when the data is lost from your hard disk. Keep powerful source to provide supply to the system so that abrupt shut down may be avoided. Always do use the antivirus in the system this will keep your data protected from virus attack.


Other than this if your data is lost then you have to use the recovery software. The recovery software will bring back the data from your USB drive. You can use the software easily by getting the guidelines with the help of snaps shots.