How to Recover Music Files from Memory Card Without Formatting?


“I had some of the very favorites of my music bands including Metallica and Iron Maiden live shows which was in a rare collection, which I am not able to access. I do not know how to recover music files from memory card without format. Can anybody recommend the software that allows get back files without format very easily?”

The Recover Media is a software application which is specifically built for recovering all formats of multimedia files from memory cards, external devices, USB drives, Flashwire, iPod etc very efficiently which is free to download throughout the internet. The software is compatible with the various versions of Windows including the latest versions and even works well with Mac.

Its deep scanning mechanisms and its user-friendly interface allow the user to recover the corrupted files very easily within a few clicks. The built-in algorithms are designed to retrieve files from all popular formats of audio (.mp3, .mp4 etc), image (.jpeg, jpg etc), video(.mp4, mov) and even music files from iPods and all file formats of digital cameras very efficiently.


How data gets corrupted?

  • Unintentional formatting of the drive imposes complete deletion of the files contained on the drive thus leading to loss of data. Mistakenly erasing the important file rather than the insignificant ones.
  • Virus and malware pose a constant threat towards the security issues of the files, which on infliction can exhibit unusual behavior and can even result in inaccessible files. Transferring data from a virus infected device can also transfer the virus to the other device, thus resulting in loss of files.
  • Ejecting the device prior to the completion of the transfer process can result in damaged files. A shutdown of the device while the file exchange in in-transit can render inaccessible files.
  • The drive may contain too many bad sectors which may require the formatting of the complete drive, which results in loss of data. If the file resides in the bad sector of the drive, the file would not be accessible.
  • Deleting the files using “SHFT+DEL” deleted the files permanently from the device bypassing the recycle bin.
  • There are situations where the hard disk crashes due to various conditions which result in permanent loss of data.


The software recovers corrupted image files by recovering the RAW formats including NEF, PEF, CRW etc to name a few and even recover inaccessible files from drive types of FAT16, NTFS5, FAT32,exFAT, NTFS. It covers deleted files from RAID (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5) partitions and also from hard drive types of SATA, IDE and SCSI etc to name some of them.

The Find tool allows the user to find specific files which can be filtered on the basis of name, size, and date created etc.

The Preview tool enables the user to view the recovered files prior to saving the files to their desired destination folder/drive.

Why Recover Media?

The “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to pause and save the progress of the recovery process so that the user can continue from thereon. The “Open Recovery Session” enables the user to open the progress of the recovery process and continue from the point the user left off.

The Recover Media allows the user to recover specific files bypassing the rest which increases processing speed and reduces the time consumed.

The “First try then buy” allows the user to firstly recover the inaccessible files and preview the recovered files, but saving them to the desired destination folder requires upgrading to the Pro version of the software to experience additional features.