Best Approach to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook

Nowadays, most of the industry professionals and individuals will make use of Outlook for email communication. Emails and the other information related to Outlook will be stored in a single storage table called PST file. You can use Outlook for emails and maintain other data like notes, journals, appointments, contacts, calendar events, etc. These all Outlook related items are stored in the PST file.

But, sometimes you may not be able to access information from Outlook because of PST file corruption. You can find more number of reasons for PST file corruption such as incorrect power supply, virus attack, etc. In this situation you may use inbuilt inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe), to repair damaged PST file and recover all data from it. But, this tool can become fail in case the PST file was corrupted severely.

Under severe corruption of PST file, you cannot recover emails from it yourself. Then to recover deleted email, the last option left for you is Outlook email recovery software. This Outlook recovery tool is designed by some industry professionals for Outlook users.

You may lose emails from Outlook because of your mistakes or any software problems. No matter how you have lost emails, you can recover them with the help of Outlook recovery software. It can work under various situations like if you have deleted important emails from the “Deleted Items” folder. Whatever may be the situation where you will lose emails, you can utilize this tool to recover emails from Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and from any other version of Outlook.

Outlook email recovery tool is a best option to recover deleted or lost emails from the Outlook. Some of significant scenarios where you can get information on how the emails are disappeared from your Outlook are explained below.

  • While accessing a PST file over network, any sort of network problem can make your PST file damage and hence all emails stored in it can become inaccessible.
  • Sometimes, the PST file compression can also causes loss of emails. If any interruption occurs while compressing a PST file, then there have the more chances to the PST file damage.
  • Even while upgrading Outlook also the user can lose emails. After upgrading an Outlook you may want to transfer all Outlook data from the older version, but after that you may not have all moved data. Here some emails can get delete or lost.
  • Every Outlook has PST file with size limitation. So, the user need to store data within that limit otherwise the oversized PST file can leads loss of Outlook data.
  • Virus attack is also considered as a major problem for Outlook user as the virus can corrupt PST file. Virus can occur if you have browsed unauthorized sites and downloaded contents from them.

In order to avoid such problem you can follow the below given precautions.

  • Always use quality antivirus tool in your system.
  • Make use of good quality UPS in order to avoid sudden shutdown of system due to power loss.
  • Do not store anymore emails if the PST file has reached its limit.
  • Keep backup of important emails.

Even after following these precautions the user is still not able to stop the loss of emails and other Outlook data. So, if you have encountered a situation where you have lost important emails, you can use Outlook email recovery software. Apart from emails you can also recover other Outlook items using this software. This software will email recovery on all versions of Outlook and compatible with all versions of Windows OS. You can also download free demo version of this software to evaluate recovery results.