Ultimate Tool to Convert Outlook OST to PST File

Creation of OST file by MS Outlook is very beneficial for user for continuing their work even if there is disconnection between MS Exchanger and MS Outlook. Unlike PST-files, OST-files cannot be accessed individually by Outlook. They can only be opened by Outlook as long as the account which it belongs to is still configured in Outlook. For accessing such OST file you need to convert them to PST files.

As OST files are stores in Local machine there are many situation or mishaps which lead to corruption of OST files. The most common reasons of such issues are crashed or disconnected Exchange server, oversized of OST file, virus attack, accidental deletion of user account, etc. All such disaster situations affect the integrity and consistency of OST file. Thus, corrupt or damaged OST file leads to crucial data like emails, contacts, and other Outlook data loss. You can get rid of this problem by converting OST file to PST using reliable third party tool like Converting OST to PST, which is build up with powerful read-only algorithm which does not modify the damaged or corrupted OST file and retains all information in PST file.

Common reasons behind corruption of OST file

Bad or Damaged Sector: Bad sectors on the storage location may lead to inaccessibility of the OST file.

Crash of Exchange Server: Exchange server stores the entire Outlook offline data in OST file on the Local machine, which is synchronize while connecting to server. If server get crash while synchronization process then OST file may get damage.

Improper Up-Grading: Upgrading Outlook application without proper back up of OST file may lead to corruption or deletion of OST file.

Abrupt System or Server Shutdown: Abruptly system shut down due to any reason may damage the OST file, and stored Outlook data will be loss.

Virus Attack: Viruses are common on the system which may come from internet or other infected system. If OST file get affected by viruses it may corrupt and will not remain accessible.

CRC Errors: This is an error message which indicates OST file is no longer accessible, thus all Outlook data store in the OST file get loss.

Features of Converting OST to PST file

  • It is specially designed to export OST to PST, which convert healthy as well as corrupted OST files to PST files and recover all Outlook data items including mails, contacts, appointments, etc.
  • It has automated process for converting OST to PST which does not let worry about how to convert OST to PST.
  • This is the best software to convert OST to PST which converts OST file to PST file even if it is password protected.
  • After finishing process of converting OST to PST, it retain all Outlook data in their original folder structure and allow you to access emails from new PST file.
  • This OST to PST converting tool can be utilized for converting OST file created on Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 5.0, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.