What’s The Solution If You Are Not Getting the Search Results in SharePoint?

Here are the tips that help you if you can’t get the results you expect from fine tune your SharePoint search results. You can get construct queries in the SharePoint Online and SharePoint to find what you want.

No results or too few results?

shrpt-logo-isolatedWhile searching for information if you don’t get results even if you have typed correct spelling of those words, to include more results try to widen the search:

  • Make sure that all relevant content is in search and also see that the search is not restricted to only portions such as People or Videos content.
  • In order to expand your search you need to use fewer search terms. For example instead of searching “sales report”, you can simply search for report so that all the filed by name report will be displayed.
  • Generic terms should be used to search, such as “PC” or “computer” instead of “laptop”.
  • At the end of any word that you need to search, use the * character as a wildcard. For example to find “microchip” or “Microsoft” use “micro*” and search.

If you get few results these tips may also do the trick. Use refiners after widening the search to limit the result, so that the exact result should be appeared while finding.

Too many results?

Suppose you want to search something using the SharePoint and if you find many number of results then it is very difficult to find out the exact result point that you need to. First thing you do is you will use refiners to limit the number results, if the results are more even after using refiners then try using the Content Search Web Part (CSWP). By doing so, more of the queries will become specific. Follow these steps to add a CSWP to your page.

  • Go to the Settings and click on Edit Page.
  • Now you should place the cursor in the area where you need the CSWP, on the ribbon click Insert and then click Web Part.
  • Click Content Rollup from the Parts menu and again click on Content Search, now click on Add.
  • Now the CSWP will get appear on the page and the set up to query is ready.

Is It Worth Swapping My Laptop Hard Drive For An SSD?

The price of conventional hard drive is high and if it continues the same then by 2018 it might be replaced by high-speed and slim Solid State Drive (SSDs). Usually SSDs can transfer data quicker than any other hard drives. It is running noiselessly and consumes very fewer power.2100

The price order of SSD is higher than a usual hard drive of the same capability which has some limitation to higher end PCs.

But now the moment change. The flash vendors who intend the chips that are used in SSDs have used new skill to lower the price of SSDs drive as compared to usual hard drive. Meanwhile, hard drive vendors have exhausted almost 60 years and whittling the dollar after the dollar from the price of a hard drive.ssd-upgrade-670x376

These days SSDs price is one way or another close to the price of traditional hard drive. SSDs drives are six times the price of a usual hard drive. Over time, however, the firm’s data predicts that SSD prices will stay unchanged as it has numerous advantages over other traditional hard drive. If you use SSDs drive then the read and write process as well as speed will augmented in your system as compared to traditional hard drive. In the early mid of 2017 or 2019, the present price of SSDs trend puts the passage point at 6 cents per GB.laptop-ssd-1-what-you-need

Separate data compiled by Objective Analysis that tracks the flash market is more to see the worst aspect of stuff putting SSD prices at 6 cents per GB fence in 2019.

Note: The graphic incorporated in the forecasts from both TrendForce and Objective Analysis are using Microsoft Excel’s forecasting tool which has the dotted lines that indicate PCWorld’s own extension of data. The key after such things is that the SSD pricing line intersects the hard drive pricing style.

How to Bypass Login Screen on Windows Computer?

Hello everyone, most you are familiar with Windows operating system. Windows systems were designed and developed by Microsoft Corp. Microsoft launched a series of Windows system, such as Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10, Windows loginserver 2003, Win XP, etc. In all of these OS Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. It is more advanced and secure as compare to other OS. Here in this post I am going to describe a different thing related to Windows systems that is how to bypass the login screen Windows computer. Whenever, you open the system, then the first think that display in system is “Login Screen”. So to avoid or skip this sign in screen I am giving you few steps by which you can easily skip this login screen.

Steps to Skip Login Screen on Windows System:

  • Start Windows system and press “Windows + R” to bring up the Run window.
  • After getting ‘Run’ window type “netplwiz” and press Enter.
  • A screen will Display that is “User Accounts” which contains two tabs, User and Advanced
  • Select the User Tab, and choose the user account.
  • A Checkbox will display with following message “User must enter username and password to use this computer”
  • Uncheck this checkbox and press apply, and then save.
  • After applying this logging screen will hide until you enable it.

Finally, by using these simple steps you can skip the login screen. Apart from these login screen skipping process I would like to suggest you to use your Windows system with a password, because you can share your system with another, it may contain your office as well as personal data. Here, in this post I just show you a different thinks related to the Windows system for telling that you can do this or Windows provide you a way by which you can easily overcome from every time entering username and password. Whatever the thing related to bypass login screen Windows described, you can also do it by using the control panel.  To know more about it carry read on.