Solution to Restore Data from Corrupted SD Card

In today’s technology SD card is the most useful and popular storage device developed for the utilization in portable devices. This tiny SD card enables you to store data on various devices like digital camera, camcorders, cell phones, PDAs, smart phone’s, eBooks, computers, etc. You will discover many types of SD cards in the marketplace like regular Files, micro SD card, mini Files, etc. It consists of different types of cards that happen to be high capacity card family (SDHC), standard capacity card family (SDSC), extended capacity card family (SDXC), SDIO card family with a lot more input / output functions.

SD card gets corrupted because of formatting. To explain this scenario in brief let us consider one of the situation as you have connected severely corrupted SD card on the system for accessing files. At this instance you encounter some error messages displaying like “disk not formatted, do you need to format now?” .Clicking “no” with that error message dialogue box the SD card remains inaccessible along with the same error message arises again and again. If you click “yes” then it formats SD card and gets corrupted. The many data stored upon it will be erased contributing to data loss. The data from this SD corruption can be restored by using SD card recovery software that effectively restores all the data stored on it. 

Some other reasons for the corruption of SD card are mentioned below

• Unintentional turning off of system: When you’re transferring any files from SD card to the system hard drive, if the system closes abruptly by closing all the running application then it contributes to formatting of SD card which lead to loss of data.

• Accidentally format SD card: Sometimes you accidentally format the SD card using “format” option on the digital camera which ends up with of data loss stored on it. Format error shows once the file system with the SD card is logically damaged or corrupted.

• Random use of digicam: Photographic camera needs some time to process the images then it can store them about the SD cards inserted. In case you shot pictures in rapid succession it will modify the performance of the SD card negatively which leads to the corruption of SD card resulting in data loss.

Besides these scenarios you will find numerous reasons during which you loss data from your SD card. Don’t worry you are able to restore all of the lost or deleted files in the SD card using the best recovery software that effectively restores each of the data.

Some of the features that come with this recovery software are mentioned below

• This software has special integrated algorithms that assist you to restore deleted/lost media files like images, audios, digital RAW image files, videos based on their unique signatures.

• You can perform recovery of Micro SD card stopped working by employing this recovery software that effectively supports to get back your lost or deleted files from various storage devices.

• This software supports recovery of data from SD cards that are formatted on account of bad sectors.

• This application has the ability to unformat and restore file types such as jpg, png, tiff, bmp, psd, mpg, mp4, midi, wav and others from various SD cards.

You are able to download the free demo form of this tool to evaluate its recovery results then purchase its licensed version with reasonable price.