Corrupt Word File Fixer

MS Word application offers you the best platform to craft text documents, essays and other vital information. Somehow, the information within it is extremely vital for you, but in some condition the Word files may be corrupted and turn out to be inaccessible. Once your important Word files get damaged then you may be incapable to access it or sometimes error messages may be raised, thus you could face severe data loss. In such condition you want repair software to repair them, so here is Word file repair software. This tool is personally designed to revamp errors and inaccessibility of Word documents. Here are some frequent Word files corruption situations mentioned; now focus on them later we will learn how to repair Word file error with the help of this application.

  • Header corruption: Word files header includes information like file creation date, its size, name, file type etc. If this header is damaged or corrupt then it leads to inaccessibility of Word files.
  • Bad sectors: When the hard drive of your system contains any bad sectors then there is a possibility of corruption of Word files when they go into these logical bad sectors.
  • Some more factors: Unexpected termination of Word files while working with it, abrupt power crash, CRC errors, defragmentation breakdown, severe virus infection, frequent changing of file format etc. are the major reasons to corrupt your Word files.

Just relax!! If your Word files are corrupted because of any of the above listed reasons, here you can easily mend damaged or corrupted Word files using this Word file repair application. This tool guides you with easiest path to fix the error prone and corrupt Word files of different versions in few simple steps. This tool has excellent scan technology, you need to choose the inaccessible or corrupt Word file for scan process, once this application deeply scans the damaged file, it just fixes the error and then make it fresh file along with all its content. You can utilize this software on Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2007 etc.

You can make use of this tool to revamp doc and docx files on all Windows OS based computers. It is moreover just a read only tool so that while fixing the Word files it can’t harm or alter the originality of the Word files. Once the Word files are fixed then you can have the information of those fixed files as it was. This app can be used primarily in demo version to evaluate the results, simply download and then run it. The detailed screen shots of this software guide you how to perform repair process, you need to go after the steps, once the repair process is finished, you can preview the fixed files. In order to save the fixed Word files you have to purchase its genuine edition.

Easiest Way of Repairing Damaged Word File

Microsoft Word is the application from Microsoft Office Suite which is the mostly used Word file generator. This Word file application is most useful application to create Word documents and users like to use this application most preferably. But have you ever faced problems regarding our Word file corruption issues? May be its like you are trying to change your file extension and at the end of that you actually notice that the created Word documents are not opening as they should. Then what happened to that Word document? Is it completely damaged and you have to go for creating the same file once again, otherwise you just forget about that file.

File format cycling is the reason of Word file damage. It usually takes place when users randomly change file formats. This continuous change of file formats leads to the Word file corruption problems. If the software won’t support these file format changing process then only your Word documents get corrupted. In case of trying to repair those documents, users must opt for the Word repair recovery utility. Only this Word file repair software can successfully bring back your corrupted documents as complete damage free.

Once again users can successfully get access to their essential Word files or any other official documents. In initial cases of Word file damage you can try to repair it with use of Microsoft Office Diagnostic. But in case of serious file damage cases its not something possible to do so. That time users should go for repair corrupt word document.

  • Users go through the Word file corruption problems like software clashes. Use of more than one software at same time continues to software clash problems and it results in saved files corruption situation including your Word documents.
  • Sudden system shut down or booting process failure problem on any computer while still working on any Word file document can cause Word document corruption problem.
  • While working on any Doc file , if power surge problem occurs and your Word file wont get saved properly then it probably happens that next time when you will try to open that same file it will appear as the broken file.
  • It is mentioned previously about the problem of file round tripping. That is changing the file format repeatedly, will result to Word corruption problems. It is named as the problem of document round tripping.
  • In some cases it is required to transfer Word files from one storage device to some other. But in case of doing so any kind of interruption during data transfer, may lead to the file corruption problem or even sometime it also causes file loss situation.
  • Hard drive corruption problem is also responsible for data inaccessibility. When hard drive files get corrupted due to virus attack or some other reason, it also includes your Word documents. These Word files also become inaccessible to its users.

Word Repair Recovery software is the most efficient way to repair and even to recover those corrupted Word documents. This software is designed in such way so that it is capable enough to work on most updated MS Word editions. It comes with most easy to interface and it does not need so much of effort to perform Word repair procedure. It’s quite simple procedure to fix Word DOC file with this Word file repair utility.

Word repair tool after it gets corrupted

Word, a powerful text editor which is designed by Microsoft, comes pinned up with the “Microsoft Office Package”. This application has many features and this is why it is used all over the world. Word is basically used to make the text look attractive. In MS Word, you can add images, format text, add colors to text, and much more, even you can create envelopes, merge mails, etc. which are a part of emailing.

MS Word files are saved in two formats i.e. .doc & .docx, as there are different versions of Microsoft Office. Although, Word has such powerful features but still one problem exists i.e. of file corruption. Word files are used on a large scale and this is the reason why there are a number of cases complaining about corruption in these files. As corruption is unavoidable but with the help of an efficient tool you can repair Word files easily as there are several methods to accomplish this task.

Suppose you are using 2007 version of Microsoft Word. You closed the Word file after completion of your work and the application as well. Later when you attempted to open the same file, you found that the  Word file does not open. Thinking that this might occur due to improper loading of application or changed file path, you closed the application and restarted it thinking that the file might work properly but you find the same result.  This occurrence is due to corruption in the Word files.

Now let us see those two methods that will repair your word files:

  1. Download the file repair software
  2. Install it on your system and launch it
  3. After that you  will be asked to browse the corrupted file
  4. Select the file which you need to repair
  5. The software will do the rest of the things for you.

Following these five repairing steps, you can efficiently repair Word 2007 docx file. Apart from this, there is one more lengthy option to repair the file and that is by using the option of the Word application to fix the files. I guess this doesn’t sound good but yet files can be repaired.

Just make an approach to that particular file and create copies of it in the same directory. This will make sure that you do not lose your important Word document, even after the recovery process fails & the file you were working on is trashed.

Click on the Word application from the menu and select the open option. Then click on “Open and Repair”. If everything goes right then you need not to worry as it will fix the file. If the file is opened properly then just select the Save As option, this will write the document afresh. Again open the files and repeat the same process, then save the files using Rich Text Format. Close the opened document and save it in some backup medium, to make sure that you don’t lose it if in case the problem returns.

If still Word fails to open the files and is set to create backup copies, then try to open the backup files. In Windows Explorer just switch to Details view and double click the backup files which will be named as a backup of “File_name. wbk”. If the Word file is opened then just save it in Rich Text Format.

If in case the file is not set to backup then look in the Windows Explorer for a temporary file of the document. Here you need to sort by View -> Details option, click the type column heading twice to produce a reverse sort by file type. This will display the latest temporary file of your document by its date and file size. Right click the file, click “Open with” and choose the Word application. If it gets open then save it in the format of Rich Text.

As an alternative, you can use the repair software. The process is not lengthy and within a few minutes, your file will be repaired. The best practice is to use the trial version of the Repair Word software. The trial version of the software will help you to judge what output the software will give. The only condition that needs to be followed is, stop using the file and don’t try to open the file using other applications after it is corrupted.