Divx File Not Playing Fix

Divx is a compression and decompression technology used to compress video files like Avi, Xvid etc. This file codec technology is also used in DSLR cameras.  This video files compressed with Divx codec are popular because Divx uses very high compression ratio. Now a day every website uses these compressed files to upload file on the Server from where every user can download these video files. Sometimes these compressed files will get corrupted may stop playing on media player leaving media player in frozen condition.

There are many reasons to corrupt Divx files. Some o the most common scenarios of Divx files getting corrupt and restricting it to play on any media player are:

  1. Due to virus infection: Divx files may get corrupt due to an invasion of spyware and malware on your system. These viruses may damage the structure of Divx file resulting it to CRC error.
  2. Due improper file transfer: Incomplete transfer of Divx file from any storage device or while downloading it from the internet may corrupt Divx file restricting it to open on any media player.
  3. Due to firmware fault: Sometimes camcorder comes with faulty firmware which in turn results in incomplete compression of video file captured from these cameras. Which it turn result in an unplayable video.
  4. Sudden system shut down: capturing videos while the camera is on “low battery” indication may corrupt Divx files and sudden shut down of a system while you’re watching these Divx files also corrupt these Divx files.

Are you trapped in situations mentioned above?

Don’t be upset, there is the solution for every problem. You are not only the one in this world facing this type of problem. Keeping these problems in account our experts have developed a program which resolves all problems indicated above. You can have Divx file not playing fix by this tool. This software is awarded for its excellent performance and high-quality result.

Some of the salient features of this inimitable program are:

  1. This award-winning application has potential to fix Divx file not playing on any of media player with CRC error. This software also fixes the corrupted Divx files due to header file corruption.
  2. It repairs each and every bit per frame replacing missing frames and restoring video back to normal.
  3. This inimitable tool has the capacity to mend the Divx files corrupted due to faulty firmware or due to sudden shut down of the system.
  4. This software has the ability to repair Divx corrupted due to virus infection, spyware and severe malware.
  5. This software supports repair of Windows 7, XP, 8, 10.

Precautions to avoid corruption

  1. Use updated antivirus tool to protect against spyware and malware.
  2. Always use UPS to avoid improper system termination.
  3. Avoid playing corrupted Divx files to avoid further corruption.
  4. Don’t capture videos from cameras when they are on battery low indication to avoid corruption.
  5. Always use safe removal option on system or camera or mobiles, because to stop all background process and protect from corruption.
  6. Always maintain a backup of all your Divx files for your safety.