Easy Way to Recover Missing Data from HDD, Memory Card, USB

How to recover missing data from HDD (hard disk drive)? This question can be complicated when you do not act quickly. Soon after losing files or finding that the files are missing you should not get involved in any kind of activity on computer. Activity such as downloading, surfing, file transfer, deleting, emptying recycle bin, moving files between partitions etc.

missing data recovery

File system stores Meta data about each and every file that is stored on hard drive. Ranging from file size, file name, address pointer etc. When a file is deleted, Meta data of the file will be deleted leaving behind the actual file. But this file will not last forever; it can get overwritten by the newly arriving data. Thus if deleted files still reside on the HDD then there is 100% chance that the missing  / deleted files can be recovered, but at the same time if it is overwritten then it is impossible to recover.

Other circumstances where you can still hope for recovery

  • Format of the drive will result in clearing the previous entries from file system, however does not harm any data that is stored onto the drive.
  • Partition is just a logical representation of hard drive storage area, so if you are performing re-partitioning within hard drive then it seems as if there is some data loss as you won’t be able to see the data after re-partitioning. But again the data is still intact on the drive but not visible to the user
  • Files emptied from recycle bin or deleted using shift+delete

The idea remains same, that is until and unless the data is not removed from the drive you are able to recover that data. But condition is that there should not be any overwrite of files. Thus if these conditions are satisfying then you can go ahead to recover the files with Missing Data Recovery Tool.

Impressive features of Missing Data Recovery Tool

You can recover many files (around 300 types of files) and additionally you can add file signature if the software did not listed it out (option available only if you are licensed)

Create disk image of the drive if the hard drive possesses bad sectors, bad sectors can make the accessibility of hard drive more sluggish thus it can happen the same with normal recovery procedure. So a disk image will be a good option to make the process easier

After scan you can have a quick look on the recovered items, this option is available in demo version thus the tool lets you know the chances of recovery before even purchasing the tool

Can recover data from hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, SSD and IDE

Apart from hard drive you can recover data from various storage devices such as iPod, camera, memory card, flash drive and many others

You can achieve recovery on all popular versions of Windows and Mac operating systems

Recovered data can be saved onto CD / DVD or it can even be archived to save disk space

Don’t let this happen again

Always backup your important files so that if you lose any of your important files then there will be no need to perform recovery and a simple restore will resolve the issue. So plan good preemptive backup measures to ensure data security.

Once recovery is successfully accomplished ensure you do not save the data onto same drive, instead store it on different drive