How to Fix Error Accessing PowerPoint File and Open PPT Files

“I have a PPT file that is left corrupted and I cannot open it on my computer. Every time I try, I get an error saying PowerPoint cannot access the file. Is there a way to get this fixed or even open my PPT file? This PPT file is quite important to me and I don’t want to lose access to it.”

There are various reasons how you PPT file may get corrupt and when your file goes corrupt, you are generally thrown the error accessing PowerPoint file message. This is usually frustrating if the file was of large size and you have no backup copy of the file saved to another location.

Anyway, there is nothing you have to worry about if you encounter this error while trying to access your PowerPoint file on your computer. This error can be easily fixed if you act swiftly and repair your PPT file using a PowerPoint repair tool. A PowerPoint repair tool is usually designed to fix errors that arise in your file that causes your file to throw this error when you try to access it.

Below is a PPT repair tool that is put to use to show you how you can fix error accessing PowerPoint file when you are thrown this error:

In the above video, you can see that the PowerPoint file was fixed in just a few clicks of the mouse and the software used was a PowerPoint recommended tool that is widely used to fix this particular issue.

PowerPoint files are generally known to get corrupt because they contain a large number of slides, text and possibly images too. When the size of the file increases, the chances of it getting corrupt are also high. To overcome this issue, you can create a duplicate copy of your PowerPoint file and have it saved to another safe location on your computer.

Generally, all errors that arise on your PowerPoint file can be fixed with the help of a PowerPoint repair tool, including the PowerPoint error accessing file error message. All it takes for a professional repair tool is just a few minutes to get to the core of the problem and get it fixed. However, you need to know that this error shouldn’t be fixed manually by a user if he encountered this error on any of his PPT files.

This usually causes further corruptions to your PPT files and it might permanently cause your files to be corrupt. Once your PPT files go permanently corrupt, you cannot repair them again so make it a point to not manually attempt to fix the PowerPoint error accessing file message and instead get the PowerPoint repair tool on your computer.

A few notable features of this PPT repair tool:

  • It can repair PPT files of any size.
  • Can be run on all versions of Windows OS.
  • It can repair PPT files of all versions.
  • You can repair and save the newly created PPT file to any folder on your computer.
  • Your original PPT file is left untouched meaning, it is only read during the repair process and is never altered.