How to Recover PST File?

PST file has a rich internet browsing abilities, thus it can efficiently work with Microsoft Exchange Server. Each and every attribute of Microsoft Outlook is stored in a single PST file. Thus it is easy to access all entries of Outlook. Generally, the .pst file is located in C drive and has a path C:\Local settings\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst. You can also have a facility to change its location. Microsoft Outlook application becomes so popular email messenger. This app provides so many different options to organize and maintain user official and personal details. The new version of this application is Microsoft Outlook 2013. This latest version provides a smart preview of all folders, fast search filters and you can directly connect with social networking sites.

Although Outlook has many useful features sometimes it prone to corruption or damage and it may also face frequent data loss scenarios due to various reasons. Assume you are a manager of accounts departments and have used Outlook for your official work. Your account is so confidential because it contains emails regarding the business transaction of your company and important contact list, meeting schedules, etc. Since if you have to exhaust with the hectic schedule you may not observe that PST file was cross it’s the memory limit. If it exceeds the memory limit then file get damage or corruption. Obviously, you prefer inbuilt repair tool scanpst.exe but you were not able to repair that corrupted file and unable to restore information you have stored in it. Since this tool has limited functionality. Do you want to recover PST? If yes it can be repaired easily through Outlook PST Recovery utility.

Some other scenarios where you have to recover PST:

  • Unexpected shutdown of the PC: While you working with MS Outlook, an unexpected power failure may lead to corruption of that PST file.
  • Strong virus attack: There is a possibility of virus or malware attack unknowingly through emails or messages when you’re accessing the net in the unsecured network. Because of some strong viruses, entire PST file gets corrupted. Thus Outlook PST does not allow you to access any of its attributes.
  • Failure of scan.exe repair tool:  The scanpst is the built-in repair tool for Microsoft Outlook if it fails to repair severely damaged PST file which intern corrupts the PST file.
  • Personal folder header file corruption: Header of PST files may get corrupted or damaged due to like virus attack in the system, the inappropriate exit of Microsoft Outlook or improper shut down of a computer system while dealing with MS Outlook.
  • Sharing PST file over the unsecure network: accessing the same PST file over an unsecure network by the multiple users, at a time, can leads to changes in some fields of Outlook results to PST file corruption.
  • Upgrading latest version of Microsoft Outlook:  During up-gradation of the new version of Outlook, if any interruption like the power surge, low network connection etc., makes corruption of existing PST file.

Precautionary measures:

  • Try to use an efficient version of anti-virus software, close the applications properly and use the good power supply to your computer to avoid sudden power loss. And use trustworthy and efficient Outlook PST Recovery tool. It highly suggested not install this application on your system, where you have corrupted .pst files or deleted PST files. This may lead to lasting of PST file forever, because of data overwriting.

Outlook PST Recovery Tool is software utility to repair the corrupted or damaged .pst file on Microsoft Outlook which is not repaired by the scanpst.exe repair tool because of the severity of corruption. This software also repairs corrupted password protected PST files efficiently. And also recover accidentally deleted or lost Outlook emails, contacts and journal etc. It is also used to repairs header file corrupted PST, Trojan infected PST files, PST files degraded through exchange server issues, etc.  This software supports the Microsoft Outlook versions 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 etc. This software supports Windows Operating System versions like Windows 98, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8,10 etc.

You can downlo a d demo version of this program before purchasing it. The demo version scans entire disk and displays the recovered files in less spam of time. Demo form do not have permission to restore previewed items to your system, this can be used to evaluate the efficiency of the software. If you lost any essential PST items then purchase licensed version to restore them.