How to restore deleted partition from laptop?

Are you struggling for a solution to restore deleted partition? Then you are at right place!!! This article will help you to recover deleted partition data. Many of you prefer to partition a hard disk because of many reasons like, it increases data security, improves system performance and makes easy to store your data in different partition as per your priority. The most important thing is that if you want to make your system dual boot then you must have to create partitions. Consider a scenario that, you want to configure dual boot on your laptop’s hard disk. Suppose already you have installed Windows XP in one partition and again you want to install second OS as a Fedora in another partition. During this second OS setup procedure; you accidentally deleted the partition that had some valuable files instead of formatting the unwanted partition to install the Fedora Operating System. Don’t worry deleted partition recovery from laptop is possible by using partition recovery software which helps to restore lost/deleted/formatted hard drive partition.

There are lots of reasons due to which you get partition related problems and result of which is data loss. Some of those are explained below.

MBR corruption: Master Boot Record (MBR) stores all the information related to your hard drive partition like, size, no. of partitions, and which is stored in the first sector of the hard drive. If this MBR gets corrupt then you are unable to access all the partitions and results into severe data loss.

MFT corruption: Each partition contains the file system like, NTFS and FAT file system. NTFS file system uses MFT to keep all the information regarding to the file system like, file name, access permission, and creation date. If your partition is NTFS formatted and MFT gets corrupted then all your files become inaccessible.

Improper re-partitioning and partitioning process: During the partitioning or re-partitioning of hard disk, if you ignore any kind of error then such kind of improper operations leads to deletion of partition.

The above mentioned scenarios can happen due to virus/ malware affect and also it may happen due to unexpected system shutdown which leads to data loss from the partition. But to restore deleted partition you can use the best partition recovery software.

The partition recovery software helps to recover lost/deleted/formatted data from formatted, re-formatted hard drive. Even if you have re-partitioned your hard drive then also it helps to restore all data from it. This software has advanced scan engine which scans the entire hard disk for lost and missing partitions to restore data. This software is capable to restore data from hidden or inaccessible partition. If you want to restore deleted partition then it is suggested first you download free demo version of this software and try for recovery. If you feel satisfied with the result then you can purchase this software.