Know Step by Step Procedure to Repair Outlook PST

Most of the Outlook users always has an issue with their Personal Storage Table data files. At times they are encountered by an error message while trying to access Outlook PST file. What if you are also the victim of such issues?outlook

If yes, then you are seeking for the ultimate software to solve corruption problem. This article is going to assist you to repair Outlook PST file and explain you step by step procedure to fix the corrupted PST file. Outlook PST Repair utility is the better solution for your question and repairs severely damaged Outlook data file on different editions of Windows operating system. It allows you to repair Outlook folders such as Inbox, sent items, drafts, etc., without any trouble. Outlook PST Repair software is designed with user friendly options and it is completely free from all sort of harmful threats.

Some of the corruption issues as follows below:

  • Computer/laptop should be turned off properly; if fails to do so may effect on the opened software or applications. Assume, while you are working on the Outlook PST file or sent/received process is going on your computer if system gets termination then there a possibility of corruption.
  • If you intend to upgrade from older operating system to a latest edition. While performing up gradation process, few important PST files saved in computer hard drive might become inaccessible. In such scenario, employ Outlook PST Repair software to regain your damaged PST file.
  • If the MS Outlook application fails because of various issues such as upgrading failure or virus attack, then the related PST data file may also get affected. Hence it leads to inaccessibility.
  • Sometimes, you may use untrusted or unreliable third party tool to repair broken Outlook PST file. But, it does not fix the Personal Storage Table file and reduces the chance of repairing that file. This leads to severe corruption of MS Outlook PST data file.
  • Bad sector is one of the common of the factor that doesn’t allow you to access read or write operation on Outlook PST file. In case, if there is increase of bad sectors exist on your hard drive, then it results in damage or corruption of Outlook PST file.

Steps by step procedure to fix the Outlook PST file:

Step 1: You need to download the Outlook PST Repair tool from the link provided on the website and install it on your Windows computer to repair Outlook PST file.

Step 2: Select the particular options among “Open PST File”, “Find PST File”, “Select Outlook Profile” as shown in the image and then click on “Browse” button to choose damage PST file from your Windows machines.outlookrecoverytool-main-screen

Step 3: Next, select the scanning option out of “Normal” or “Smart” scan and you need to locate to select the destination folder where you like to store the repaired PST file.outlookrecoverytool-select-pst-file

Step 4: Click on “Next” button in order to begin the repairing process and fix corrupted PST file and finally you can preview the fixed Outlook PST file & save the healthy PST file.outlookrecoverytool-recovered-items-list

Key characteristics of Outlook PST Repair software:

  1. Outlook PST Repair utility consists of two scan options.
  2. Also recovers Outlook attributes like notes, events, calendars, journals, etc.
  3. Free from all sort of virus.
  4. Get the assistance from support team avail 24/7.
  5. Contains powerful built-in scanning algorithm.
  6. It works on various editions of Windows operating system including Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 2008, and Windows 2003.