Learn the latest trends about wearables in 2015

When you think about wearables you had many things in your minds like Apple Watch. Google Glass, pair of workout tracking socks and many more. Last year every company released their wearable devices whether it was Ralph Lauren who launch their PoloTech shirt, or the giant of diamond world Swarovski who launch their Misfit Shine in a fashion week, or Karl Lagerfeld 3-D printing clothes, etc. You can purchase Apple watch from any fashion store, Tag Heuer Android wear for everyone. Wearables devices are changing from day to day. It is like disappearing devices. In the third quarter of 2015, IDC found that many wearable devices (almost three times) are shipped. This is much greater than in 2014. In 2015 the fitness tracker and the wearable smart watches gains huge popularity and it might grow in the coming year.

This year the sales is mostly dominated by tech companies like Fitbit, Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others. It’s also going to continue its growth for the coming year as well. The insurance companies begin to incentivize peoples to use fitness tracker. It’s recommending the tracker which get better tracking data and helps to get more value from these devices. These companies mostly spent their great years in creating new version of their wrist watches. You must recognize about Fitbit that is the top among all the wearable devices in 2015. The Apple watch which is getting better out of a shirt sleeve and they are getting best with their latest technology.

You also saw various brands of smartwatches, various high- tech jewelry, clothing, etc. there are three steps we have seen so far. First, when we see Google Glass, Apple watch, and Fitbit, they are getting more better than earlier but one thing common about them are they all look like gadgets. Second, there are many companies which already make these kind of wearable things like Fossil, Swarovski, etc. and they look better than others. In 2015 the smart watch begins with the latest technology which is useful in many process like calling, receiving messages, etc. The third step we talk about the technology which now become the part of our life. For example Google project jacquard, etc. There are many technology updating day to day like shirt that track your heart rate, there is sensor present in your shoes, your socks automatically know whether they need to be wash or not and many more.