Looking for a software to recover USB drive

Lost your important USB files while formatting or in any situation? Want to recover those lost USB files?  Then here is a solution! I know how important your USB data are. Because USB drives are mainly used for transferring data from one PC to other, sometimes even store the backup copy of your computer data. With a USB drive, data can be retained for long periods when the device is unplugged from the computer since tit uses flash memory (data can be stored even when there is no power). These drives are platform independent and can be easily connected to the computers just by attaching it to the USB port. Hence these drives are extensively used as temporary storage devices.

Losing the data from USB drives is really an unbearable situation. You can lose data from these USB drives in any situation without your knowledge. It happens sometimes that you lose data just because of your negligence. For example, when you are transferring your important data from the USB drive to your Computer or laptop, you may abruptly remove the device without ejecting it while transferring is going on. This action results in corruption of your drive and also there are chances of corrupting the file system of your USB drive. These are the few common situations in which you lose data. There are many such scenarios. Whatever is the reason for losing data, it can be recovered very easily with the help of recovery software. This software performs the USB hard drive Recovery process in just few minutes easily, without any difficulties. The software which does all these after you is Undelete USB drive Software.

I think now you got a brief idea about this product. This is not the only situation where this software can be used, there are lots more scenarios as listed below in which this product comes to your help. They are:

  • Accidentally removing the drive from the computer without ejecting it
  • Formatting the USB drive before taking the backup
  • Deleting the important file intentionally or unintentionally  also leads to data loss since the deleted USB files will not be stored in Recycle bin also
  • File system corruption due to virus / malware/ spyware attacks
  • Hard drive crash as a result of severe power outage when USB is connected to the system makes the data on USB drive inaccessible

Whenever you lose data in any of the above scenarios, you can use this software and recover them. The following are the key features of the software:

  • It supports recovery of data from USB dives that are lost in any scenarios with high degree of accuracy
  • Supports data recovery from crashed drive and even from corrupted file systems
  • Able to perform recovery of files after format and reformat of external USB drives
  • Supports USB hard drive recovery on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and also on Mac OS X operating systems
  • Allows you to store the recovered data on any other drive

This software not only recovers data from USB drives, it can also serve as a good hard drive recovery program because it successfully recovers data from formatted, partitioned or re-partitioned hard drives. You can download the software here and install it on your Windows or Mac system. Now connect the USB drive to your system where have installed this software, and just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Launch the software and click on “Recover drives / partitions”
  2. Select “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery ” and chose the drive to be recovered
  3. Now press “Next” and after the scanning is completed you can view your files
  4. View the files before recovering the them by using “Preview” option
  5. You can save the scanning process by selecting “Save Recovery session”, which avoids the rescanning of the drive
  6. After purchasing the software, save all the recovered files on a healthy drive