How to perform corrupt PST file recovery on Windows?

Personal storage table (PST) files are created on Microsoft Outlook and they are used for storing certain e-mail communication data and some other Microsoft Outlook attributes. Microsoft Outlook PST files have the *.pst file format. Just like other files, PST file can store Microsoft Outlook data such as E-mail Messages, Calendar Items, Contacts, Appointments, Meeting Requests, RSS Feeds, Tasks, Journals and Notes etc. Sometimes the PST file may become simply corrupt due to various situations. Corruption of PST file will lead to loss of Microsoft Outlook data. In such kind of an instance, in order to recover Microsoft Outlook data, corrupted PST file needs to be repaired. Anyhow, nothing to worry as you can perform Outlook PST recovery by repairing corrupt PST file with the help of superior third party Outlook PST file repair tool.

Microsoft Outlook PST file is a prime source to store entire Outlook user data. PST file is loaded on every time when user initiates the email client Outlook. However, the situations like PST file header corruption, errors encountered during PST file compaction, virus attack, scanning with antivirus software, resulting in incompatibility while upgrading the Microsoft Outlook, usage of PST file exceeds to its maximum size limit, sharing PST file across the network and unexpected shutdown of system without closing Microsoft Outlook etc will lead to PST file corruption hence resulting in loss of Outlook folder emails. Anyhow, a superior Outlook recovery tool will help you to recover Outlook folder emails from corrupted PST file. Few important case scenarios in which corruption of PFT files can take place are explained below.

  • Corruptions during deleted PST file recovery: As already said, Microsoft Outlook attributes are stored under a single personal storage file that is having .pst extension. This folder is called as personal storage folder because you can personally store it on your own computer. You can find .pst file in the application data folder located in your documents folder, and it is stored in the Microsoft Outlook sub folder. Just like other files, you can open, close, move, copy or delete the .pst file. Suppose you have accidentally deleted the .pst file and trying to recover it by using any third party file recovery software. While recovering the deleted .pst file from the hard drive, there may be chances to corruption of PST file. However, corruption of PST file may lead to Microsoft Outlook contents become inaccessible.
  • Oversized PST file: Sometimes PST file may reach critical size and leading to corruption. Microsoft Outlook 2000 PST file size is limited to 2 GB and if the PST file size exceeds the 2 GB then there may be chance to cause corruption of PST file.
  • PST file getting corrupt while using over a network: When the Outlook application is using in an organization by several users, the PST file have to be shared between multiple users. In the situation like this, there may be chances of PST file while it is sharing over a network.

In order to perform Outlook PST file recovery by repairing the corrupted PST file, you need to make use of appropriate third party Outlook PST file repair tool. Outlook PST file recovery software is an efficient PST file repair tool which is not only capable of repairing your corrupted PST file, but it is also capable of recovering all your Microsoft Outlook PST file contents with utmost accuracy. This tool has an ability to repair corrupted PST files that are created on Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010. The best thing about this tool is that the trial version of the software is available on the official website, which can be used to preview the recoverable data. You can get it freely prior to buy the software and test the Outlook data recovery results.

Way to reinstate your files out of your iPod

The merchandise which either everyone has or wants for entertainment. This product which was launched by Apple Inc. is well acclaimed by people irrespective of country, race or creed. I Pod have evolved from initial version that was classic to the one which was recently launched on 12th September, 2012.Aside from utilizing it for entertainment it can be used like a storage device also because it has a large space within itself. If in any case these stored data gets defected by any reason it may be rectified by implementation of software like iPod Recovery Mac. If any type of problem occurs we must hook it up to computer in data storage mode so that software can work upon it without difficulty.

There are numerous reasons which can result in accidental loss of data such as} accidentally restored iPod to through its factory settings, formatted the iPod when the format error arises, loss of song due to synchronization of iPod nano with iTunes which leads to restore sad face iPod nano, unintentional deletion of all files instead of a single file, etc. Let’s look at some of the real-time scenarios which could cause catastrophic situation for any user. The most prominent one which may happen to any operator is when format error arises. The format error may arise as a result of failure of file system within the iPod. The failure of file system may occur due to power failure, incompatibility issue, and improper shut down while synchronizing the data or improper formatting of the iPod. There is an easy way fix this problem i.e. when we implement right restoration software like iPod Recovery Mac for the iPod.

Another frequent problem which occurs with all the users is loss of songs when problem occurs during synchronization of iPod with iTunes. This challenge occurs if you have accidentally deleted your files from iTunes on your Mac PC and synchronized your iPod with iTunes. Since you have synchronized your gadget you will not find such files in your iPod also. If want to get back your files you should make use of an application which is capable of restoring data.

A few of the salient features of this software are:

  • It’s easy and simple to use for almost any consumer.
  • If preferred some specific sort of file can be retrieved by operating along with its file signature.
  • It is able to sort the recovered files based on ones choice like name, date, size, etc,
  • It works efficiently for different versions of iPod like iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod mini iPod shuffle and iPod Touch.

There are a few things which need to be taken care of if you wish to restore your files on iPod which are, you need to prohibit yourself from utilizing your iPod any further until all files are recovered. As well as that needs to be taken care is that you must use software like iPod Recovery Mac to recoup your data. The files can be retrieved if acted as soon as possible to obtain back files as it was earlier. You’ll be able to effortlessly get it here the free trial version to sort problems associated with iPod.

An accurate method to recover deleted photo files

Digital photo files recovery process is to be carried out in order to recover deleted photo files from the various storage devices like memory cards, hard disk drives, and USB flash drives (normally use Pen drives) etc. People most commonly use the digital cameras and mobile phones for capturing the images. Most of portable electronic devices like iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, video camcorders and printers etc use the memory cards for storing the media files such as digital photos, audio songs and video clips.

Loss of digital photo files on the various storage devices like hard disk drive and memory card may be occurred due to several situations like interruption to photo transmission process carried out by using cut and paste command, emptying the Recycle Bin, deletion of photos even after the Recycle Bin size exceeds to maximum size limit and accidentally deleting the photos using Shift + Delete key combination etc. But nothing to be worried the deleted or lost photos will not be permanently deleted from the storage media until a new data is overwritten on them. So you can recover deleted photo files or lost photos from the storage media by using appropriate digital photo files recovery software. Some case scenarios in which digital photo loss can be occurred are as follows.

Suppose you are installing some software which occupies more disk space on the hard drive. While installing the software, consider you are unknowing that how much disk space is required for installation of that software, you have choose the wrong drive in which precious photos being stored. After choosing the drive because of less disk space available on the drive it will ask to delete some files to make space for installation. At that stage if you accidentally approved to delete then the photos stored on the hard disk drive will be deleted. These deleted photos will not be moved into a Recycle Bin then there is no chance to restore the photos from the Recycle Bin. This kind of situation may lead to loss of photos stored on the hard disk drive.

Accidental deletion of wrong photos by using Shift + Delete key combination or deleting through command prompt by using delete command followed by file name may cause the loss of photos stored on the hard disk drive. The photos deleted in the above mentioned situations will bypasses the Recycle Bin and user cannot find them.

The photos lost due to interruption in between the file transmission process will not be moved to a Recycle Bin. The interruption may be caused due to various situations like improper shut down of the system, accidentally ejecting the card reader and power failure etc. In these situations the loss of photos can be occurred.

In order to recover deleted photos from the various storage devices an appropriate digital photo recovery software is to be used. The media file recovery software will help you to recover the deleted or lost photos from the storage devices. By using this software you can recover deleted or lost media files such as digital photos, audio songs and video clips from the FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 formatted hard disk drives. By using this software it is possible to recover deleted or lost photos and other media files with various file formats from the various storage devices like USB drives, iPods, memory cards and hard disk drive etc. The trial version of the media file recovery tool is helpful in evaluating the recovery results by previewing the recoverable media files. You can get it from the official website and make use of it to take a trial.

iPod Library Recovery

Have you been a user of most portable and an advanced music player, iPod and worried about the file recovery or perhaps the iPod library recovery? It happens if your iPod hard disk crashes or perhaps your files are lost suddenly. You should be thinking that lost files are lost in forever. Your most precious music files are not there with you. But the the fact is something else. Actually you can go for the recovery software. The iPod recovery software packages are the most effective solution that you can recover iPod library files. Many has become developed by the experts, keeping all sorts of problems in your mind.

iPod has developed as a unique device like a mp3 music player as well as a hard drive. Most of us have no idea that you can use your iPod as a hard drive. You’ll be able to store data of all kinds within this device. It stores music files as well as pictures, document files etc. With the increased standby time with the iPod your collection of music files also increases. Sometime some situations occur if you lost your songs. At the time it’s very important to extract iPod library files while using the iPod recovery tool. Many performs the recovery on all devices like iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic, etc. Before facing the extreme situation of file loss from iPod you can look at in order to save them previously. To avoid the data loss situation maintain an up-to-date backup of one’s iPod library files. In order that if somehow files get deleted from the iPod it will likely be helpful to you to get back the files.

Just as an iPod user, you could have faced some situations in which you have lost songs file. A few of the reasons are explained here.
By installing or updating a new format of iTunes you might lose your data. While updating the application in case you connect your iPod to the computer then all files get deleted from your iPod library. Sometime on account of some mistakes your iPod files get synchronized. You need to remove some selected songs but mistakenly whole iPod data gets deleted. Due to virus or malware attack new file system of the iPod could get corrupted. Due to corrupted file systems your files become inaccessible. The broken file system with the iPod can make it undetectable when makes an effort to connect to your computer. Before transferring files from your computer towards the iPod if virtually any power surge problem occurs the files get corrupted or lost from the iPod.

In the worst situation if you face deletion or decrease of music files then your ipod recovery software programs are the best option you have. You must keep in mind that don’t install any new file on the iPod in case you are facing file loss problem with your iPod. The ipod recovery tool has the capacity to retrieve your lost files. Many supports music files like MP3, WAV, M4b, AIFC, AIFF, AIF, MP4, etc. and image files in the format TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, NEF, ARW, ORF, RAW, KDC, RAF etc. In addition, it retrieves files through the the ipod Classic. To see the features of the software you need to download the free trial version of the software program.

Looking for a software to recover USB drive

Lost your important USB files while formatting or in any situation? Want to recover those lost USB files?  Then here is a solution! I know how important your USB data are. Because USB drives are mainly used for transferring data from one PC to other, sometimes even store the backup copy of your computer data. With a USB drive, data can be retained for long periods when the device is unplugged from the computer since tit uses flash memory (data can be stored even when there is no power). These drives are platform independent and can be easily connected to the computers just by attaching it to the USB port. Hence these drives are extensively used as temporary storage devices.

Losing the data from USB drives is really an unbearable situation. You can lose data from these USB drives in any situation without your knowledge. It happens sometimes that you lose data just because of your negligence. For example, when you are transferring your important data from the USB drive to your Computer or laptop, you may abruptly remove the device without ejecting it while transferring is going on. This action results in corruption of your drive and also there are chances of corrupting the file system of your USB drive. These are the few common situations in which you lose data. There are many such scenarios. Whatever is the reason for losing data, it can be recovered very easily with the help of recovery software. This software performs the USB hard drive Recovery process in just few minutes easily, without any difficulties. The software which does all these after you is Undelete USB drive Software.

I think now you got a brief idea about this product. This is not the only situation where this software can be used, there are lots more scenarios as listed below in which this product comes to your help. They are:

  • Accidentally removing the drive from the computer without ejecting it
  • Formatting the USB drive before taking the backup
  • Deleting the important file intentionally or unintentionally  also leads to data loss since the deleted USB files will not be stored in Recycle bin also
  • File system corruption due to virus / malware/ spyware attacks
  • Hard drive crash as a result of severe power outage when USB is connected to the system makes the data on USB drive inaccessible

Whenever you lose data in any of the above scenarios, you can use this software and recover them. The following are the key features of the software:

  • It supports recovery of data from USB dives that are lost in any scenarios with high degree of accuracy
  • Supports data recovery from crashed drive and even from corrupted file systems
  • Able to perform recovery of files after format and reformat of external USB drives
  • Supports USB hard drive recovery on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and also on Mac OS X operating systems
  • Allows you to store the recovered data on any other drive

This software not only recovers data from USB drives, it can also serve as a good hard drive recovery program because it successfully recovers data from formatted, partitioned or re-partitioned hard drives. You can download the software here and install it on your Windows or Mac system. Now connect the USB drive to your system where have installed this software, and just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Launch the software and click on “Recover drives / partitions”
  2. Select “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery ” and chose the drive to be recovered
  3. Now press “Next” and after the scanning is completed you can view your files
  4. View the files before recovering the them by using “Preview” option
  5. You can save the scanning process by selecting “Save Recovery session”, which avoids the rescanning of the drive
  6. After purchasing the software, save all the recovered files on a healthy drive