Software to Wipe Out Entire Data from Drive

In this advance era of technology all users will prefer storage devices with huge storage capacity and portable in size so that they can carry their belonging data for use anywhere they want. Technology has shown as an awesome device which fulfils all the needs of users around the world. These devices are known as pen drives.  Pen drive is handy device which will easily fits in your pocket and most important feature of these devices is they will provide you enormous storage memory. These pen drives are created with many file systems like FATX, NTFSX, NTFS, HFSX, NTFS, FAT 16, etc.

Utilizing pen drives you will be able to stock up all the crucial or confidential data within in it. It is obvious that you may be habitual of buying and selling the electronic devices frequently. After some time you may be thinking of selling pen drive and want to buy a new pen drive with lot more storage memory capacity but you are worried about the data within these devices. You don’t want to share this confidential or crucial official data to anyone. You have tried formatting the pen drive lots of time but after doing you found out that the data can still be recovered. Obviously you may be worried and tense.

Hey just relax, you don’t need to worried or have to get tense now because considering all the privacy and confidential reasons of data well skilled designers around the world have gathered together and developed an finest tool which will solves all your worries within fraction of time. This application is inbuilt with many different shredding patterns created by many international defense organizations for maintain security over confidential data and wipe hard drive. Organization like NAVSO, NATO, and US DOD have approved for use of these 9 categories of shredding patterns.

9 Shredding patterns approved by international organization are:

  • Fast zero overwrite method provides overwrite of the data within the hard drives with fixed values (0X00) on every memory segment of hard drive.
  •  Random overwrite method provides overwrite on the storage devices with random value of (1 to 9).
  • US (DOD 5220.22 – M) method provides overwrite on the targeted storage device by writing a fixed range of values (0X00) and again overwrites with (0Xff) range of values.
  • NASO (p- 5239-26-RLL) method which provides overwriting on the targeted storage devices with fixed random values of (0Xffffffff) and then with (0Xbfffffff).
  • NATO standard method which provides overwriting on the targeted storage devices 7 times with random values. First employees fixed values (0X00) six times and (0Xff) one time.
  • German VSITR procedure of shredding provides overwriting of target storage memory device with three alternatives of zeros and ones.
  • DOD standard 5220.28 STD shredding pattern provides overwriting the targeted storage area with almost 27 times.
  • Peter Guttmann secure deletion sanitation method provides high priority overwriting the targeted storage area 35 times with random values, 27 times with fixed values and finally overwrites 4 times with random values on every single segment.
  • US (DOD 5220.22 – M) + Peter Guttmann method provides you ultimately high priority of storage memory sanitation process which overwrites 38 times.

This application with all these sanitation method is supported with widely used operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc with requirement of least hardware configuration. In case you are eager to know extra information on this particular application then visit: