Some Cost-Effective and Critical Security Tips for Startups

In this article you will get to know about some cost effective and critical security tips for the startups so that your valuable data is protected from hacking.

  1. Be Careful of 3rd Party Tools/Vendors

Security-TipsIn the current scenario there are many 3rd party tools that are necessary in day today life, without which your work will be incomplete. So, most of the users adopt third party tools in order to complete their tasks easily and effectively. Here the difficulty is there are many unreliable and fake tools that are developed only to hack the important data, so here you should be careful before using any of the third party tools.

  1. Don’t Rely on Anti-Virus Software

As the hacking has become more advance, so we can’t trust the Anti-virus completely. Greg Sullivan the CEO of Global Velocity said that according to The Wall Street Journal antivirus software is dead and is a big red flag that this approach of data stores and hardening of network is insufficient.

  1. Proactive, Not Reactive

Preventing your system from intercept attacks is costly and most of the users will get to know about the attack after they realize the damage in the data. Some of small businesses will not realize the attack and will leave as it is for many months. So you need to be active and make sure that your data is not under attack. So always try to adopt encryption to data.

  1. Minimize Human Error

In many cases the hacking is not the main thing to access your data by any one. If you have left the data open by mistake and forgot to lock or hide them, then other can access your sensitive data very easily without doing any hacking. So you need to avoid this to happen, and always make sure that you will lock or close the data before leaving your computer.

  1. Think Cloud

There are many cloud services that are available in the current market, but you need to decide which one you should adopt by doing a survey. You need to confirm that the respective cloud service is providing 100% security for you data and also see the terms and conditions that are followed by that cloud service, with good infrastructure.