Why do computer freeze?

When a computer freezes up, you don’t have many options except you can press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del and end task or you can press the power button on the computer to restart the computer. If your computer has stopped responding, follow the steps below to get back your computer to normal state.

Give the computer some time:

Wait, give the computer a few minutes to process because sometime it may appear to be frozen but it really just go slow or processing time is more due to complex task.

Is the computer dead locked?

If the computer doesn’t respond after pressing caps lock key from the keyboard. If the computer can turn on and caps lock is off, continue to next step. If nothing happens then, your computer is dead locked and you must have to reboot the computer.

End task not responding program:

If the Caps Lock will on and off, Windows remains operating, however another program might not be responding and causing the pc to freeze. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Windows Task Manager. If the Task Manager will open, highlight the program that’s not responding and select End Task which could unfreeze the pc.

Reboot a frozen computer:

If none of the above steps helps you then you have to reboot up your PC. To reboot a frozen PC, press and hold down the power button till the PC turns off. Once the PC is off, wait for a seconds, then turn the PC back on and let it as normal.

Resolve hardware device or driver issue:

After trying all the above options, if your PC still is in frozen state or continue to freeze after rebooting then there might be a hardware or device driver that is not working properly. A defective hard drive, stick of RAM, video card, etc can cause a PC to freeze. Have you installed new drivers or updated drivers, sometimes updates can cause more problems than they fix. Try uninstalling that driver and trying an older one or vise versa. If you are unable to install the latest driver before the PC freezes then there is another option to start the PC in safe mode. Once in safe mode, you can access driver manager and uninstall the hardware device corresponding to the device driver that is not working properly.

Take a PC to repair shop:

If none of the above options work then we recommend you to take your PC to repair shop and tell the technician to diagnose and solve the problem.