Word repair tool after it gets corrupted

Word, a powerful text editor which is designed by Microsoft, comes pinned up with the “Microsoft Office Package”. This application has many features and this is why it is used all over the world. Word is basically used to make the text look attractive. In MS Word, you can add images, format text, add colors to text, and much more, even you can create envelopes, merge mails, etc. which are a part of emailing.

MS Word files are saved in two formats i.e. .doc & .docx, as there are different versions of Microsoft Office. Although, Word has such powerful features but still one problem exists i.e. of file corruption. Word files are used on a large scale and this is the reason why there are a number of cases complaining about corruption in these files. As corruption is unavoidable but with the help of an efficient tool you can repair Word files easily as there are several methods to accomplish this task.

Suppose you are using 2007 version of Microsoft Word. You closed the Word file after completion of your work and the application as well. Later when you attempted to open the same file, you found that the  Word file does not open. Thinking that this might occur due to improper loading of application or changed file path, you closed the application and restarted it thinking that the file might work properly but you find the same result.  This occurrence is due to corruption in the Word files.

Now let us see those two methods that will repair your word files:

  1. Download the file repair software
  2. Install it on your system and launch it
  3. After that you  will be asked to browse the corrupted file
  4. Select the file which you need to repair
  5. The software will do the rest of the things for you.

Following these five repairing steps, you can efficiently repair Word 2007 docx file. Apart from this, there is one more lengthy option to repair the file and that is by using the option of the Word application to fix the files. I guess this doesn’t sound good but yet files can be repaired.

Just make an approach to that particular file and create copies of it in the same directory. This will make sure that you do not lose your important Word document, even after the recovery process fails & the file you were working on is trashed.

Click on the Word application from the menu and select the open option. Then click on “Open and Repair”. If everything goes right then you need not to worry as it will fix the file. If the file is opened properly then just select the Save As option, this will write the document afresh. Again open the files and repeat the same process, then save the files using Rich Text Format. Close the opened document and save it in some backup medium, to make sure that you don’t lose it if in case the problem returns.

If still Word fails to open the files and is set to create backup copies, then try to open the backup files. In Windows Explorer just switch to Details view and double click the backup files which will be named as a backup of “File_name. wbk”. If the Word file is opened then just save it in Rich Text Format.

If in case the file is not set to backup then look in the Windows Explorer for a temporary file of the document. Here you need to sort by View -> Details option, click the type column heading twice to produce a reverse sort by file type. This will display the latest temporary file of your document by its date and file size. Right click the file, click “Open with” and choose the Word application. If it gets open then save it in the format of Rich Text.

As an alternative, you can use the repair software. The process is not lengthy and within a few minutes, your file will be repaired. The best practice is to use the trial version of the Repair Word software. The trial version of the software will help you to judge what output the software will give. The only condition that needs to be followed is, stop using the file and don’t try to open the file using other applications after it is corrupted.